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About Us

Welcome to our Research Group's webpage!

We are a group of human geneticists and computational biologists. We utilize cutting-edge analytic tools to address questions at the intersection of human medical and population genetics. These insights will be critical for future medical genetics studies and in practicing personalized medicine.

We are part of the Center for Genetic Epidemiology, in the Department of Preventive Medicine at USC Keck School of Medicine.

Recent News

11.2018: Our preprint on identifying rare variant associations to 64 cardiometabolic quantitative traits using whole exome sequencing data from 20,000 Finns is now on bioRxiv!

10.2018: Charleston was interviewed by the New York Times for a new genetic study using NIPT data from > 141,000 Chinese women. The new paper confirmed many of the signals we had observed in our MBE paper published earlier this summer, but also included interesting virome work and many more Chinese ethnic minorities.

10.2018: For the second time since 2015, our work on the genetics of Sardinians made the cover of Nature Genetics!

8.2018: Our manuscript on population structure, admixture history, and signals of adaptation of Han Chinese is published online at Mol. Biol. Evol.!

8.2018: As we start the new semester, we are also welcoming new members to the lab! Postdoctoral fellow, Meng (Lemon) Lin, has joined the lab, along with students Hanxiao Sun (M.S. student, Biostatistics) and Soyoung (Elizabeth) Jeon (Ph.D. student, PIBBS, co-advised with Joe Wiemels). Welcome Meng, Hanxiao, and Soyoung!

7.2018: Charleston gave a talk on the population structure and admixture history of Han Chinese in the 2018 Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) meeting at Yokohama, Japan.

5.2018: Postdoctoral fellow, Minhui Chen, has joined the lab! Welcome Minhui!

4.2018: Charleston organized a symposium on Human Adaptation and Evolution at 1st AsiaEvo meeting in Shen Zhen, China. He also visited Taiwan Biobank, gave talk at the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Academia Sinica, Taiwan, and Chinese Academy of Science and Max Planck Partnered Institute of Computational Biology in Shanghai, China.


The overarching theme of our research group is to use genetic approaches to understand how evolutionary forces shaped the genetic architecture of complex traits within and between populations. To this end, we have been involved in a number of past and ongoing medical genetics studies in mapping genetic loci underlying human complex traits. We are also continually interested in investigating the evolutionary forces, namely demography and selection, that shaped the pattern of genetic variability and phenotypic distribution. We are particularly interested in diverse, global human populations and our successes result from collaborating with innovative colleagues and thriving in resourceful consortiums. Read a more detailed description of our work here.

Contact Us

Charleston can be reached via email at:
charleston [dot] chiang [at] med [dot] usc [dot] edu

We are located in the Harlyne J. Norris Research Tower (NRT) on the Health Science Campus at USC

Mailing Address:
1450 Biggy Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033


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